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Drill Press Machine 13mm, 16mm, 25mm Supplier In Dubai Uae

Drill Press Machine 13mm, 16mm, 25mm Supplier In Dubai Uae

BRAND: Adams

Precision Drilling Revealed - Adams Tool House Dubai Drill Press Machine Specs


Adams Tool House proudly presents a diverse array of Drill Press Machines meticulously crafted for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Explore a spectrum of features, including distinct drilling capacities, variable motor power, spindle travels, and more, ensuring heightened precision and efficiency in your drilling endeavors.


Key Technical Specs:


Drilling Capacity:


Opt for versatile drilling capacities – 13mm (1/2\"), 16mm (5/8\"), and 25mm (1\") – catering to a broad spectrum of drilling needs.

Motor Power:


Fine-tune your drilling prowess with motor power options – 350W, 450W, and 750W – offering adaptability for diverse applications.

Spindle Travel (mm):


Attain precise control over drilling depth with spindle travels of 50mm, 65mm, and 85mm, accommodating various workpieces.

Class of Speed:


Select from different speed settings – 5, 12, and 12 – ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse drilling scenarios.

Spindle Taper:


Benefit from spindle tapers – B16, MT#2, and MT#3 – ensuring compatibility with an extensive range of drill bits and accessories.

Swing (mm):


Experience work flexibility with swing dimensions – 210mm, 310mm, and 360mm – enabling drilling at various angles and positions.

Table Size (mm):


Accommodate diverse workpieces with varying table sizes – 160x160mm, 260mm, and 290x290mm – providing stability during drilling operations.

Base Size (mm):


Ensure stability and durability with base sizes – 290x190mm, 420x250mm, and 460x272mm – forming a robust machine foundation.

Column Diameter (mm):


Embrace sturdy construction with column diameters – 46mm, 58mm, and 80mm – ensuring stability during drilling operations.

Height (mm):


Adapt to your workspace with machine heights – 580mm, 900mm/950mm, and 1600mm – creating ergonomic conditions for prolonged drilling sessions.

Elevate Your Drilling Game: Order Now from Adams Tool House


Choose Adams Tool House for your drilling needs and unlock unmatched precision and efficiency with our Drill Press Machines. As your trusted supplier of Drill Press Machine in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Qatar, we assure you of top-tier tools from renowned brands. Elevate your drilling capabilities with Adams Tool House – where precision meets performance. Order now and elevate your drilling projects with our advanced and reliable Drill Press Machines!

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