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Euroboor 200mm Magnetic Drill Machine Model Eco.200s/t

Euroboor 200mm Magnetic Drill Machine Model Eco.200s/t

BRAND: Euroboor

Unleash the pinnacle of drilling prowess with the Euroboor ECO.200S/T, an industrial marvel available at Adams Tool House, your go-to destination for premium tools. Tailored for heavy-scale fabrication, this magnetic drilling machine offers an expansive drilling capacity from Ø12 to an impressive Ø200 mm. Weighing 58.5 kg, it redefines possibilities, making it the ideal solution for workpieces and locations once deemed inaccessible.


Euroboor ECO.200S/T Key Features:


Boasting the largest drilling capacity in our range, providing unmatched flexibility for extreme adjustments on workpieces.

Tapping and countersinking capabilities for elevated precision and adaptability.

Adjustable speed and RL rotation, tailor-made for tapping and ensuring precise adjustments to match the drill, annular cutter, and material.

Equipped with a cutting-edge brushless motor for heightened efficiency, extended battery life, and reduced operating costs.

Digital display and speed control knob for meticulous control over motor revolutions per second, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Technical Excellence:


Annular cutting: Ø 12 - 200 mm

Twist drilling: Ø 1 - 50 mm

Countersinking: Ø 10 - 205 mm

Tapping: M3 - M48

Length: 515 mm

Width: 265 mm

Height: 650 - 905 mm

Stroke: 255 mm

Weight: 58.5 kg

Magnet (l x w x h): 350 x 125 x 66 mm

Magnetic force: 3,680 kg

Motor power: 2,600 W

Total power: 2,750 W

Speed (no load): (I) 40 - 80 rpm, (II) 60 - 125 rpm, (III) 145 - 300 rpm, (IV) 230 - 470 rpm

Speed (load 2,600 W): (I) 29 - 75 rpm, (II) 46 - 120 rpm, (III) 110 - 285 rpm, (IV) 174 - 452 rpm

Spindle (Weldon): MT4 31.75 mm

Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz


Additional Benefits:

2600W Brushless Motor

Annular Cutters up to 200mm

Bi-Directional motor for ideal tapping

4-Speed Gearbox & Variable Speed Control

Oil-lubricated gearbox

High precision tubular rail balancer system

Progressive feed assist


Explore the Euroboor ECO.200S/T at Adams Tool House and seize unbeatable wholesale rates across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Elevate your drilling experience with precision tools, exceptional service, and unbeatable prices – only at Adams Tool House, your trusted gateway to quality industrial solutions in the UAE.

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