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Euroboor Eco.60s+ Magnetic Drill Machine

Euroboor Eco.60s+ Magnetic Drill Machine

BRAND: Euroboor

Adams Tool House is the Authorized Euroboor Magnetic Drill Machine Dealer in Dubai


Welcome to Adams Tool House, your go-to destination for industrial tools & machineries. As the authorized dealer for Euroboor magnetic drill machines in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah we are thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Euroboor ECO.60S+. With a drilling range of Ø 12 - 60 mm and a lightweight design at 12.9 kg, this magnetic core drilling machine combines precision with efficiency.


Technical Excellence of Euroboor ECO.60S+:


Powerful Motor: The ECO.60S+ boasts a robust 1,600 W (14.5 A) motor for reliable and efficient drilling operations.


Enhanced Safety Features: Featuring overheat protection and innovative electronics, this machine minimizes the risk of damage to the machine, tools, and workpieces. This not only ensures a longer lifespan but also avoids high maintenance costs.


User-Friendly Design: Enjoy a portable machine with electronic speed adjustment, high-accuracy capstan hub, and overload protection.


Smart Restart Technology: The dual coil CNC machined magnet, coupled with Smart Restart technology, minimizes the risk of damage and prioritizes user safety.


Versatility in Application: Suited for use in areas with less-than-optimal power supply quality, reducing the risk of armature and control unit(s) damage.


Additional Features:


Electronic speed adjustment

High-precision height adjustment for minimal wear correction

Strong dual coil CNC machined magnet

Morse Taper 3 spindle with integrated tool cooling and lubrication

Integrated slide for high accuracy, enlarged lifecycle, and minimal vibration

Timely service notification to avoid additional costs due to unexpected downtime or unnecessary part replacement

Technical Data:


Annular cutting: Ø 12 - 60 mm

Twist drilling: Ø 1 - 23 mm

Countersinking: Ø 10 - 65 mm

Length: 320 mm

Width: 200 mm

Height: 452 - 622 mm

Stroke: 170 mm

Weight: 12.9 kg*

Magnet (l x w x h): 168 x 84 x 49 mm

Magnetic force: 1,850 kg

Motor power: 1,600 W

Total power: 1,700 W

Speed (no load):

(I) 60 - 275 rpm

(II) 100 - 500 rpm

Speed (load 1,600 W):

(I) 60 - 275 rpm

(II) 100 - 500 rpm

Spindle (Weldon): MT3 19.05 mm

Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Why Adams Tool House?


Authorized Dealer: As your authorized Euroboor dealer in Dubai, we guarantee genuine products and reliable service.


Largest Euroboor Supplier in Dubai: Benefit from our extensive inventory, making us the largest supplier of Euroboor magnetic drill machines in Dubai.


Affordable Rates: Enjoy unbeatable prices for the Euroboor ECO.60S+, making advanced drilling technology accessible.


Regional Presence: We serve not only Dubai but also Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, and beyond, positioning ourselves as your comprehensive magnetic drill machine supplier in the Middle East.


Nourish your drilling experience with Adams Tool House – where quality, reliability, and affordability converge. Contact us today to explore the Euroboor ECO.60S+ and revolutionize your industrial drilling operations.

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