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Drill Tap Combination

Drill Tap Combination

BRAND: Euroboor
The Euroboor Drill Tap Combination is designed for tapping operations with the following specifications:
  • Thread Sizes: M8 x 1.25 to M30 x 3.5
  • Material Compatibility: Alloy steels, castings & forgings
This tool is specifically engineered for use with Euroboor magnetic drilling machines, including models like ECO.50-T, ECO.55S/T, ECO.55S/TA, ECO.100/4, ECO.100/4D, ECO.100S+/TD, and TUBE.55S/T. It features a convenient 19.05 mm Weldon connection, ensuring a direct and secure fit to the mentioned Euroboor drilling machines. The versatility of this combination makes it suitable for various tapping tasks on different materials.
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