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Uni-t Laser Distance Meter Authorized Distributor In Uae

Uni-t Laser Distance Meter Authorized Distributor In Uae

Experience Precision with Adams Tool House, Your Top Supplier of UNI-T Laser Distance Meters in Dubai and Across the UAE

 Adams Tool House proudly presents the cutting-edge LM A Series Laser Distance Meters from UNI-T, designed to elevate your measurement experience with unparalleled accuracy. As a trusted supplier in Dubai and throughout the UAE, we bring you the latest advancements in distance measurement technology.


Key Features of LM A Series Laser Distance Meters:


Certifications: CE, UKCA

User-Friendly Design: Ergonomic exterior for comfortable handling

Millimeter-Precision Accuracy: Achieve precise measurements for your projects

Data Storage: Conveniently store up to 99 groups of data

Real-Time Readout: Experience quick and efficient self-calculation

Physical Leveler: Integrated horizontal and vertical leveler for added versatility

Versatile Functions: Max/Min/continuous measurement, data storage, and more.

Explore the LM A Series Models - LM50A, LM70A, LM100A, LM120A:


Certifications: RoHS

Display Size: 2.0 inches

Range: Choose from 50m, 70m, 100m, or 120m options

LCD Display: Crystal-clear display for easy readings

Measurement Units: Switch between m/ft/in

Precision Accuracy: ±(2mm+5 x 10-5D)

Laser Type: Class 2, 630~670nm, ﹤1mW.

Additional Features for Enhanced Convenience:


Multi-functionality: Single measurement, continuous measurement, Max/Min/Area, Volume, Pythagoras, Add/Subtract

Self-Calibration: Ensures accuracy over time

Auto Power Off: Energy-saving feature after 3 minutes of inactivity

Auto Laser Off: Preserves laser life after 30 seconds of inactivity.

General Characteristics:


Power: Operates with 1.5V battery (LR03) x 2

Product Color: Stylish red and grey

Compact Size: 122mm x 52mm x 29.5mm

Accessories: Includes a convenient carrying bag

Packaging: Comes in a gift box with an English manual

Quantity per Carton: 40pcs

Carton Measurement: 475×290×180mm.

Elevate your measurement precision with UNI-T Laser Distance Meters, available exclusively at Adams Tool House. As a top supplier in Dubai and across the UAE, we ensure prompt delivery and exceptional customer service. Perfect for applications in interior/exterior design, construction, engineering inspection, and more. Invest in quality measurement solutions with Adams Tool House – your trusted partner for UNI-T Laser Distance Meters in the UAE.


Contact us today to order your LM A Series Laser Distance Meter and experience unmatched precision in your projects!

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