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Shock Baton Range

Shock Baton Range

The Shock Baton Range is ideal for personal protection and passive, non-lethal law enforcement, ensuring effective defense without causing burning marks on the skin or any permanent harmful after-effects. Designed to stop an attack before it starts, these electroshock devices prioritize safety and immediate intervention.
Some of the features are: The Robust Extruded ABS Plastic, made from virgin material and UV stabilized, ensures durability. It can withstand high voltage, reaching up to 120,000 volts, with an open deterrent visible test. The output peak voltage is 1.5 KV in a 500-ohm load test, featuring a tested non-lethal output current of less than 1 Joule. The front rounded test probe includes a visible deterrent, and the warning pulse discharge repetition rate exceeds 15 pulses per second. The shock is conducted along the sides, triggered by a momentary self-return trigger. It comes with a secure adjustable Nylon wrist and is available in various models with dimensions ranging from 280mm Compact to 700mm Riot (custom sizes available on quantities). The device is supplied complete with a custom 9.6 Volt high-capacity NiCad rechargeable battery, featuring a plug-in charging system and a Nylon Cordura belt. A 12-month manufacturing warranty is included. These are available in different sizes like : 28cm-Compact, 40cm-Tactical, 55cm-Combat, 70cm-Riot.
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