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Queue Barrier

Queue Barrier

A queue barrier, also known as a stanchion or crowd management barrier, is a device that directs and controls the flow of people in public places, events, or retail settings. It aids in the formation of organized lineups or lines, pedestrian traffic control, and the maintenance of order in congested locations. Queue barriers are widely utilized in a variety of settings, including airports, train stations, retail establishments, banks, museums, theatres, and other public spaces.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Stanchions/Queue Control Barrier

Features & Benefits:

  • Stylish and sleek design with a universal base.
  • Lowest leading edge on the market for accessibility.
  • High-quality steel post with a hard-wearing cast iron base.
  • Tapered edges for easy passage of wheelchairs, pushchairs, and suitcases.
  • Optimum post height to prevent customers from going underneath or over the webbing barrier.
  • 36° displacement angle for stability, preventing toppling.
  • Safest barrier on the market with a unique braking system for webbing retraction available at Adams tool house.

Product Specification:

  • Metal post available in various powder-coated colors or metal finishes at Adams tool house.
  • Compatible with standard (50mm) webbing options.
  • Modular webbing cassette with four-point anti-tamper connectivity.
  • Anti-tamper tape end for added security.
  • Compatible with accessories, including post-top signage and wall clips.


  • Enhance and manage queuing spaces.
  • Cordon off out-of-service areas.
  • Ideal for airports, retail outlets, hotels, casinos, movie theatres, and more.



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