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Top-of-rack Data Center Switch

Top-of-rack Data Center Switch

48xSFP28 + 8xQSFP28 Top-of-Rack Data Center Switch
S6750-48HX8CQM-AC TOR switch – with superior port density of 48×25 Gbps and 8×100 Gbps ports is ideally suited for deployment at the server access layer in large enterprise data centers.
S6750-48HX8CQM-AC delivers high-performance, high interface density and low latency to allow enterprises and carriers to build cloud-oriented data center networks. With port speeds spanning from 10Gbps to 100Gbps per port and port density that enables full rack connectivity to any server at any speed S6750-48HX8CQM-AC switch is an ideal leaf and top of rack (ToR) solution, allowing maximum flexibility.
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