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Pneumatic Grinder

Pneumatic Grinder

BRAND: Sumake
Our Industrial Air Angle Grinder with a 5\" disc size, the ST-GD505L6. This powerful tool is designed for a range of industrial applications, featuring a robust construction and efficient performance. The grinder comes with a 5/8”-11UNF spindle size, providing compatibility with various grinding accessories. With a free speed of 12,000 rpm, this tool ensures quick and precise grinding operations.
Equipped with a 3/8” air inlet and a 3/8” air hose (I.D.), the grinder boasts an air consumption of 29 cfm (820 l/min), making it suitable for demanding tasks. Its overall length of 9 inches (231 mm) and net weight of 4 lbs (1.8 kgs) contribute to its ergonomic design, enhancing user comfort and control during operation.
The ST-GD505L6 is a reliable choice for industrial grinding needs, and it comes in a convenient packaging of 6 pieces per carton with a gross weight of 13 kgs and cubic feet of 1.8. Upgrade your grinding experience with this high-performance Industrial Air Angle Grinder.
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