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Petrol Generator 2.5kva Daishin Scf3000hgsa

Petrol Generator 2.5kva Daishin Scf3000hgsa


Daishin Petrol generators, often known as gasoline generators, are portable power sources that run on petrol (gasoline). These generators are often used for numerous purposes, including supplying backup power during electrical outages, powering tools at construction sites, and serving as a mobile power source for outdoor events available at Adams tool house.

  • Electric starter as standard for easy start
  • Avr system for fine voltage 
  • Reliable 4 stroke gasoline engine
  • Standard model comes with battery
  • simple panel design for easy operation
  • Wheel kit standard is standard accessory


Model : SCF3000HGSA

  • Engine Type : Single cylinder, forced air cooling, 4 strokes
  • Fuel : Gasoline
  • Engine oil capacity : 0.6L
  • Igniting mode :T.c.i
  • Starting system : Electric
  • Displacement : 196cc


  • Voltage Reburator : AVR
  • Phase : Single
  • Ac max output  : 2.5 kva
  • Ac rated output : 2.3 kva
  • Frequency : 50/60hz
  • Voltage : 220v


  • Net weight : 52kg
  • Dimension (l x w x h) : 590 x 430 x 467mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 15L


  • Instruction manual
  • Engine manual
  • Engine tool Kit
  • Battery charge cable plug heads





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