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Heat Trace Cable

Heat Trace Cable

Heat Trace Cable


Electrical heat-tracing cable for process temperature maintenance applications up to 121°C which may be subject to steam cleaning

The XTV family of self-regulating, parallel circuit heating cables is used for process temperature maintenance of pipes and vessels.

It can also be used for frost protection of large pipes and for applications requiring high temperature exposure capability.


  • Area classification : Hazardous, Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust) Ordinary
  • Traced surface type : Carbon steel
  •                                   Stainless steel
  •                                   Painted or unpainted metal
  • Chemical resistance : Organics and corrosives
  •                                     For aggressive organics and corrosives consult your local representative
  • SUPPLY VOLTAGE : 230 Vac 


  • SGS20ATEX0049X
  • II 2 G Ex 60079-30-1 eb IIC T* Gb or Ex 60079-30-1 eb mb IIC T* Gb
  • II 2 D Ex 60079-30-1 tb IIIC T**°C Db or Ex 60079-30-1 mb tb IIIC T**°C Db  Tmin –60°C (* See schedule)
  • IECEx BAS 20.0012X
  • Ex 60079-30-1 eb IIC T* Gb or Ex 60079-30-1 tb IIIC T**°C Db
  • Ex 60079-30-1 eb mb IIC T* Gb or Ex 60079-30-1 mb tb IIIC T**°C Db
  • Tmin –60°C (*see schedule)
  • The XTV heating cables are approved by DNV for use on ships and mobile offshore units. DNV Certificate No. DNV-GL TAE00000TV
  • ТС RU C-BE.МЮ62.В.00054/18
  • 1Ex e IIC T* Gb X    1Ex e mb IIC T* Gb X
  • Ex tb IIIC T* Db X    Ex tb mb IIIC T* Db X
  • Ta –60°C…+56°C  IP66
  • ООО “ТехИмпорт”
  • Ex e IIC T2/T3 Gb
  • Ex tD A21 IP66 T300°C/T200°


  • Maximum maintain or continuous exposure temperature (power on) 121°C
  • Maximum intermittent exposure temperature (power on/off) 250°C (*)
  • Maximum cumulative exposure 1000 hours (*) The 250°C rating applies to all products printed \"MAX INTERMITTENT EXPOSURE 250C\".
  • Temperature classification T2: 20XTV2-CT-T2 T3: 4XTV2-CT-T3, 8XTV2-CT-T3, 12XTV2-CT-T3, 15XTV2-CT-T3
  • Based on systems approach* T3-T6 * XTV heat-tracing cables are approved for the listed temperature classifications by using the principles of stabilized design (as per system classification approach) or the use of a temperature limiting device. Use TraceCalc design software
  • Minimum installation temperature –60°C
  • Minimum bend radius –60°C ≤ T
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