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Electronic Battery Charger

Electronic Battery Charger

BRAND: Telwin
The DOCTOR CHARGE 55 CONNECT is a multifunctional electronic battery charger(Battery manager) designed for complete maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li 6V/12V/24V batteries and for support activities in interventions, including diagnostics, on vehicles carried out in workshops, body shops and dealers. It is also ideal for workshops, body shops, and dealerships, it facilitates efficient diagnostics and comprehensive battery care.
- Automatic charging and maintenance in Pulse Tronic based on the technology of the selected battery
- BOOST function for quick charge
- COLD function for charging and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures
- Stable POWER SUPPLY for diagnostics (BSU) when changing the battery (SUPPLY) and maintain the battery health of vehicles on display in showrooms
- Batteries maintenance through RECOVERY function, to recover sulphated or very low batteries;  and EQUALIZATION function to restore optimal functionality with periodic regeneration
- TESTER for checking terminal voltage, starting capacity (CCA) and vehicle alternator operation
- Start aid
- Cable extension compensation function
- Dedicated App for additional testing and charge monitoring functions. Operation via BLE wireless connection
- LCD display
- Protection against overcharge, short circuit and polarity reversal.
- Fit with PFC device.
- Complete with cable with clamps.
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