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Telwin Mastermig 400 Supplier In Dubai Uae

Telwin Mastermig 400 Supplier In Dubai Uae

BRAND: Telwin
<p>Enhance your welding experience with the Telwin MASTERMIG <br>400 MIG-MAG/BRAZING welding equipment, exclusively available from Adams Tool <br>House, your authorized Telwin distributor in Dubai, UAE. As a prominent welding <br>machine supplier, Adams Tool House provides exceptional service not only in <br>Dubai but throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.</p> <br> <br><p> </p> <br> <br><p>Discover Exceptional Welding Precision in Dubai.</p> <br> <br><p>Experience the Telwin MASTERMIG 400, a cutting-edge <br>MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING welding system with a detachable wire feeder intended for <br>industrial use. Adams Tool House, your trusted supplier, assures that this <br>welding powerhouse performs admirably across a wide range of materials, <br>including steel, stainless steel, high-strength steels, and aluminum.</p> <br> <br><p>Enjoy precision welding control right at your fingertips. </p> <br> <br><p>The Telwin MASTERMIG 400 has a large number of arc voltage <br>adjustment options, spot welding time regulation, and two reactance positions. <br>This welding equipment, which has thermostatic protection for extra safety, is <br>designed to fulfill the rigorous needs of industrial applications.</p> <br> <br><p>The Telwin MASTERMIG 400 is designed for durability and can <br>withstand harsh industrial settings. Optimize your workspace by using optional <br>extensions, which allow you to extend the working distance between the wire <br>feeder and the power supply to an amazing 10 meters.</p> <br> <br><p>Discover the unique technical specifications of the Telwin <br>MASTERMIG 400.</p> <br> <br><p>Current Range in DC: 50 - 400 A</p> <br> <br><p>Max No Load Voltage in DC: 45.5 V</p> <br> <br><p>Power Factor (cosphi): 0.9</p> <br> <br><p>Mains Voltage: Three-phase 230/400 V</p> <br> <br><p>Max Current DC EN60974-1: 400 @ 25% A</p> <br> <br><p>Max Absorbed Power: 20 kW</p> <br> <br><p>Adjustment Positions: 18</p> <br> <br><p>MIG&
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