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22mm Stud Welding Machine Supplier In Uae

22mm Stud Welding Machine Supplier In Uae

<div>22mm Stud Welding Machine Supplier in uae</div><div><div>Description<p></p><p>Three-Phase Inverter stud welder Machines</p><p>Series: Stud Welder</p><p>Model: DA 222</p><p>Size: 22mm</p><p>We are pleased to introduce a new line of Stud Welding, Electrode Welding and Tig Welding, Inverter machines. Regarding to many years experience in manufacturing of welding machines and having the best name in Middle East and West Asia for the quality, these machines are introduced to insure excellent quality welding and easy to use for Stud welders.its performance and quality features are unequalled in stud welding technology. Stud Welder series are suitable for high quality stud welding of Stainless Steel and steel. They are also ideal for MMA process and TIG welding. These machines have been designed for working in heavy duty conditions specially hot climate. complying with IEC and CE international standards insures longer life and safety. The synergical adjustment of all welding parameters and user guidance with graphical display leads to achieving the best welding results.</p><p><u>EXCELLENT FEATURES OF MACHINE</u></p><ul><li>Setting welding parameters as synergic or manual</li><li>High speed (welding sequence for 22mm (stud diameter) is 12studs/min</li><li>Welding current variably adjustable</li><li>Shielding gas pre flow time variably adjustable</li><li>Welding time and pre weld current time variably adjustable</li><li>High welding current of 2000A for stud 22mm in diameter</li><li>Stud welding with protective gas</li><li>High welding current of 500A for TIG/MMA</li><li>Graphic display for presetting of welding parameters</li><li>Constant current controller</li><li>Self-protecting device in case of excess temperature or excessive welding sequence</li><li>3 Years Warranty</li></ul><p><u>ACCESSORIES</u></p><ul><li>Carriage</li><li>Stud welding GUN</li><li>Welding cable including earth clamp OPTIONAL</li><li>Electrode holder with cable</li><li>Air cooled TIG torch</li></ul><p><u>TECHNICAL DATA</u></p><ul><li>Three Phase Input 50/60HZ1 V 400</li><li&am
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