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Shear Stud Welding Machine 22mm Joosha Da 222

Shear Stud Welding Machine 22mm Joosha Da 222

<p>Joosha introduces its Three-Phase Inverter stud welder machines, specifically the DA 222 model with a 22mm size. With years of expertise in manufacturing welding machines and a renowned reputation for quality in the Middle East and West Asia, these machines guarantee excellent welding quality and user-friendly operation for stud welders. Their performance and features stand unparalleled in stud welding technology, suitable for high-quality stud welding of Stainless Steel and steel. Additionally, these machines excel in MMA process and TIG welding, designed to endure heavy-duty conditions, particularly in hot climates. Compliance with IEC and CE international standards ensures longer life and safety.</p><p>Key Features of the Machine:</p><ul><li>Setting welding parameters as synergic or manual</li><li>High speed (welding sequence for 22mm stud diameter is 12 studs/min)</li><li>Variably adjustable welding current</li><li>Variably adjustable shielding gas pre-flow time</li><li>Variably adjustable welding time and pre-weld current time</li><li>High welding current of 2000A for a 22mm stud diameter</li><li>Stud welding with protective gas</li><li>High welding current of 500A for TIG/MMA</li><li>Graphic display for presetting welding parameters</li><li>Constant current controller</li><li>Self-protecting device in case of excess temperature or excessive welding sequence</li><li>3 Years Warranty</li></ul><p>Accessories:</p><ul><li>Carriage</li><li>Stud welding GUN</li><li>Welding cable, including earth clamp (Optional)</li><li>Electrode holder with cable</li><li>Air-cooled TIG torch</li></ul><p>Technical Data:</p><ul><li>Three-Phase Input: 400V, 50/60Hz</li><li>Input Power @I2max KVA: 118</li><li>Fuse @I2max A: D 125</li><li>Mains Cable Cross Section mm²: 4 X 35</li><li>Open Circuit Voltage: 85V</li><li>Current Range A: 50-2000 (STUD) / 50-500 (TIG, MMA)</li><li>Duty Cycle at (40˚C): 20% at 2000A</li><li>Standards: IEC60974-1, ISIRI 11225-1</li><li>Protection Class: IP21S</li><li>Insulation Class: 2 F</li><li>Dimensions (LxWxH) cm: 71 x 36 x 77 (Without carriage)</li><li>Weight Kg: 70 (Without carriage)</li></ul><p>Adams Tool House is a genuine supplier for Joosha, ensuring authenticity and reliability in your welding machine acquisition.&a
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