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Stick Welder Mma 201 200amps Canaweld Welding Machines Supplier In Uae

Stick Welder Mma 201 200amps Canaweld Welding Machines Supplier In Uae

<div>CANAWELD is a Canadian company known for manufacturing welding machines and related equipment. They offer a range of welding products catering to various industries and welding processes. MMA 201 STICK WELDER – Light Industrial/ medium industrial CANAWELD MMA201– The MMA 201 is a portable, powerful and versatile welding machine. This unit is capable of either Stick welding or Tig welding with a lift start, and it’s the best in its class for its duty cycle. The  MMA 201 is not only powerful but its also designed to be lightweight. Maximum current 200A, and can deliver 160A with a 100% duty cycle. These combined features make it perfect machine for a welder on the go, who needs some extra power and the ability to weld all day long.</div><div></div><div>FEATURES</div><div></div><div>High power output</div><div>duty cycle 200A @ 30</div><div>Tested in 104deg F/ 40Deg Celsius, designed for the toughest conditions.</div><div>Carrying belt for easy transportation</div><div>Two available welding process: Stick and Tig </div><div>Ability to use leads up to 165 feet without any power loss at the weld.</div><div>Excellent welding characteristics with any type of rods.CANAWELD welding machines integrate cutting technology to enhance welding experiences. Inverter technology optimizes energy efficiency, reducing power consumption without compromising performance. Features like Auto streamline setup processes, enabling welders to attain optimal settings effortlessly. Digital displays, intuitive controls, and preset configurations simplify operations, ensuring precision and efficiency in every Applications Across Industries.CANAWELDwelding machines find applications across diverse industries. The CANAWELD series caters to automotive repairs, DIY enthusiasts, and small workshops, providing versatility and ease of use. </div><div></div><div></div><div>CANAWELD continually innovates and updates its product line, introducing new models and enhancing existing ones to meet the  evolving needs of welders across industries. Please note that this overview may not include every Canaweld welding machine model available, as their product line might expand or change over time. Adams Tool House General Trading llc is supplier for CANAWELD welding machines in UAE,CANAWELD welding machines supplier in UAE& Adams Tool House General Trading llc for best price, quality welding machines, heavy duty welding machines, top quality welders, low maintenance, robust welding machines.CANAWELD welding machine in the Middle East and Africa, providing a varied range of welding machines and solutions adapted these markets specific demands and Adams Tool House General Trading provide the best supplier and stockiest for CANAWELD welding machines in these commitment to welding equipment innovation is reflected in their varied portfolio of welding machines. CANAWELD offers solutions for a variety of welding processes these machines, which include cutting edge technologies such as inverter technology and Auto Set TM, are designed for hobbyists, professionals, and industrial users alike. CANAWELD’S commitment to supplying high quality goods is demonstrated by their constant  customer service and comprehensive warranty coverage, here in UAE. Adams Tool House General Trading llc is the supplier of CANAWELD products.</div>
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