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 Broadcom Enterprise Edge Data Center Switch

Broadcom Enterprise Edge Data Center Switch

6750-32CQB-AC 100G Broadcom Enterprise Edge Data Center Switch
S6750-32CQ2XB-AC comes with 2 x 10G (SFP+) + 32 x 100G (QSFP28) interfaces, delivers high performance, high port density, and low latency for cloud-oriented data center networks and high-end campus networks. It supports an extensive range of data center features, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities, and high-performance stacking technologies.
S6750-32CQB-AC enables you to build scalable, simplified, open, and secure networks. Product Highlights :High Reliability: Provides enhanced Ethernet reliability technologies such as STP/RSTP/MSTP,at millisecond-level protection switchover, as well as LB(loopback check) to ensure link-level reliability; Support 1+1 redundant hot swappable power supply and an AC power supply and a DC power can be used simultaneously.
  • High Switching Capacity: Capacity with 6.4Tbps to provide all ports with non-stop forwarding, makes sure to build a reliable, sustainable high speed IP networks, can meet the high density, high bandwidth access and aggregation application scenarios of data center and campus network.
  • Powerful Services Support: The S6750(B) supports IGMP snooping, IGMP proxy, IGMP filter, and IGMP fast leave for robust multicast. It offers wire-speed replication of multicast packets between VLANs, and multicast load balancing among trunk member interfaces to meet requirements for IPTV services and other multicast services.
  • Superior Quality of Service: It supports traffic classification based on abundant criteria such as MAC/IP address, Layer 4 TCP/UDP port number, protocol, port and VLAN.
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