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Stun Guns

Stun Guns

Defender Stun Gun, a cutting-edge handheld non-lethal defense device that prioritizes safety and practicality. This self-defense tool is equipped with a safety wrist strap, adding an extra layer of security to prevent accidental activation. The device incorporates efficient power consumption circuitry, ensuring optimal performance when needed most. It is one of the ideal solution for those seeking a reliable and compact means of personal protection. Its innovative design and non-lethal capabilities make it a practical choice for individuals prioritizing safety and security in threatening situations. 


  • Robust Molded ABS Plastic- Virgin Material UV Stabilized.
  • High Voltage up to 80 000 Volts Open Deterrent Test Spark.
  • Output Peak Voltage- 1.5 KV (500- Ohm Load Test)
  • Tested Non-Lethal Highly Effective Output Current 75 Milli Joules
  • Front Rounded Test probe with visible deterrent spark.
  • Warning Pulse discharge repetition rate 522ms with 155µs duration.
  • Attached Belt Clip.
  • Test spark trigger via momentary self-return trigger switch.
  • Patented safety Anti- Theft Nylon wrist strap.
  • Dimensions: 134 x62 x32mm
  • Supplied complete with 9 Volt Alkaline Battery. Rechargeable option available on request.
  • 12 Months Manufacturing warranty.

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