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Makita 4329 Jigsaw 450w (87586) Online

Makita 4329 Jigsaw 450w (87586) Online

BRAND: Makita

Makita Jigsaw 4329 (87586) – Precision and Power at Your Fingertips 


Experience precision with the Makita Jigsaw 4329, a 450W light-duty model designed to redefine your cutting tasks. Adams Tool House, your trusted Makita authorized supplier in Dubai, UAE, introduces this powerful tool to elevate your cutting experience.


Key Features:


Optimized Power:


Light duty yet potent, the 450W motor of the Makita Jigsaw 4329 ensures efficient and controlled cutting for a variety of applications.

Versatile Cutting Options:


With 3 orbital settings and straight cutting capability, this jigsaw offers versatility to meet the demands of different cutting tasks.

Ergonomic Design:


The ergonomically designed handle with a rubberized grip provides enhanced control and comfort, allowing for extended usage without fatigue.

Dust Management:


The integrated Dust Cover effectively prevents the scattering of dust onto the cutting line, ensuring a clear view and precise cuts.

Reduced Vibrations:


Experience reduced vibrations during operation, contributing to enhanced user comfort and stability.

Durable Construction:


The aluminum die-cast base adds durability and stability to the jigsaw, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Blade Compatibility:


The Makita Jigsaw 4329 accepts bayonet-type blades, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Technical Specifications:



Wood: 65mm

Steel: 6.4mm

Length of Stroke: 18mm

Strokes Per Minute: 500-3,100spm

Overall Dimensions: 224mm

Net Weight: 1.9kg

Continuous Rating Input: 450W

Power Supply Cord: 2.0m

Voltage: 230V

Carbon Brush: 64

Included Accessories:


Jig saw blade

Hex wrench

Carry case

Unleash Precision with Adams Tool House:


Acquire the Makita Jigsaw 4329 from Adams Tool House, your premier Makita authorized supplier in Dubai, UAE. Elevate your cutting tasks with reduced vibrations, ergonomic comfort, and the assurance of Makita\'s renowned quality.


Order now from Adams Tool House and experience precision in every stroke with the Makita Jigsaw 4329 – where quality meets excellence in service.

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