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Makita Jigsaw 4326 450w Supplier In Dubai Uae

Makita Jigsaw 4326 450w Supplier In Dubai Uae

BRAND: Makita

Adams Tool House: Your Premier Destination for Makita Jigsaw 4326 – Precision and Power Unleashed in Dubai, UAE!

 Unlock the Power of Makita with Adams Tool House, Your Authorized Makita Supplier in Dubai, UAE. Presenting the Makita Jigsaw 4326 – a 450W masterpiece crafted for precision cutting in a compact, user-friendly design. This versatile jigsaw is available at unbeatable wholesale rates, showcasing Adams Tool House\'s commitment to delivering genuine Makita products with a warranty and unparalleled aftersales service.


Technical Prowess:


Length of Stroke: The Makita 4326 features an 18 mm stroke length, ensuring precise and efficient cutting across various materials.

Blade Type: Fitted with a B type blade, this jigsaw guarantees optimal cutting performance, leaving your projects with clean and smooth results.

Max. Cutting Capacities:

Wood: Achieve a maximum cutting capacity of 65 mm, catering to a myriad of carpentry and woodworking applications.

Mild Steel: Effortlessly cut through mild steel with a maximum thickness of 6 mm, expanding the jigsaw\'s utility to metalworking tasks.

Strokes Per Minute (min-1): With a rapid pace of up to 3,100 strokes per minute, the Makita Jigsaw 4326 ensures swift and efficient cutting, minimizing project completion times.

Overall Length: Sturdy at 217 mm (Steel Base Type) and lightweight at 223 mm (Aluminum Base Type), offering both stability and maneuverability.

Applications and Features:


Woodworking Excellence: Ideal for intricate cuts, curves, and straight lines in various wood materials.

Metalworking Mastery: Effortlessly cut through mild steel, expanding its use to metal fabrication and related projects.

Compact Design: Engineered for easy handling and maneuverability in confined spaces.

Tool-less Blade Changes: Quick and hassle-free blade changes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Adams Tool House Advantage:


Wholesale Rates: Access the Makita Jigsaw 4326 at exclusive wholesale rates, making quality tools affordable for all.

Genuine Products: As your trusted authorized Makita supplier, Adams Tool House guarantees genuine Makita Jigsaw 4326 with a warranty, ensuring quality and reliability.

Nationwide Delivery: Adams Tool House delivers Makita products anywhere in the UAE at the most competitive prices, providing convenience at your doorstep.

Elevate your cutting experience with the Makita Jigsaw 4326 from Adams Tool House – where quality, affordability, and exceptional service converge. Experience the precision and power of Makita, your trusted partner in Dubai, UAE. Order now and transform your projects with the best in the business!

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