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Makita N5900b Circular Saw

Makita N5900b Circular Saw

BRAND: Makita

Adams Tool House provides Top-Quality Makita Circular Saw N5900B in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, and UAE!

 Explore the Makita N5900B Circular Saw – Power and Precision Unleashed

 Looking for a reliable circular saw with unmatched power and precision? Look no further than the Makita N5900B Circular Saw, a trusted industry standard known for its robust 2,000W power, capable of effortlessly cutting through a variety of materials.


Why Choose Makita N5900B Circular Saw?


1. Powerhouse Performance:

With a high rotational speed of 4,100 RPM, this circular saw ensures smooth and precise cuts, making it a hardworking tool for various applications.


2. Versatile Bevel Angles:

Customize your cuts with ease using the adjustable bevel angle, providing flexibility up to 50° for diverse cutting needs.


3. Durable Design for Industrial Use:

Built to withstand industrial demands, the N5900B features a sturdy steel safety cover, high-rigidity steel base, and an ergonomically designed lever for effortless cutting depth adjustment.


4. Enhanced Safety Features:

Prioritizing your safety, Makita includes a switch with higher durability, a handy guide rule for accuracy, and externally accessible brushes for easy maintenance.


Technical Specifications:


Continuous Rating Input: 2,000W

Blade Diameter: 235mm (9-1/4\")

Max Cutting Capacity:

90°: 85mm (3-3/8\")

45°: 60mm (2-3/8\")

50°: 53mm (2-1/16\")

No Load Speed (RPM): 4,100

Overall Length: 380mm (15\")

Net Weight: 6.8kg (14.8 lbs.)

Power Supply Cord: 2.5m (8.2ft)

Included Accessories:

Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade, Rip Fence (Guide Rule), Wrench 13.


Intended Use:

Ideal for lengthways and crossways straight cuts, as well as mitre cuts with angles in wood, ensuring a precise and efficient workflow.


Safety Guidelines:


Match power supply to indicated voltage.

Suitable for single-phase AC supply.

Suitable for public low-voltage distribution systems (220V to 250V).

Use outdoor extension cords for added safety during outdoor operations.

For damp locations, use a residual current device (RCD) protected supply.

Users with medical devices should consult their doctor before operation.

Avoid touching the power plug with wet hands.

Promptly replace damaged cords to prevent safety hazards.

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