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Euroboor 100mm Magnetic Drill Machine Eco.100s+/td

Euroboor 100mm Magnetic Drill Machine Eco.100s+/td

BRAND: Euroboor

Adams Tool House is your authorized supplier of Euroboor magnetic drill machines. Experience the exceptional features of the Euroboor Magnetic Drill Machine ECO.100s+/TD, designed to elevate your drilling experience.


Key Features:


Impressive Drilling Capabilities:


Drill diameters ranging from Ø12 to 100mm for versatile applications.

Precision in twist drilling (Ø1-31.75mm), countersinking (Ø10-105mm), and tapping (M3-M30).

Advanced Swivel Base:


Precise positioning with a swivel base that rotates the machine 30˚ both ways and slides 15-20mm forward and backward.

Ensures accurate drilling in any direction.

Morse Taper 3 Spindle:


Equipped with a durable MT3 spindle, offering integrated tool cooling and lubrication.

Enhances the longevity and efficiency of the machine.

Energy-Efficient Magnet System:


Strong dual coil CNC machined 2-way magnet reduces energy consumption and heat generation.

Prolongs the lifespan of the machine while minimizing the risk of damage.

Enhanced Safety Features:


Reduces the risk of damaging the machine, tools, and workpieces, ensuring operator safety.

Suitable for use in areas with lower quality power supply.

Smart Functionality:


Timely service notifications to prevent unexpected downtime and unnecessary part replacements.

Power surge protection, power fluctuation protection, and automatic shut-off for added safety.

Compact Design with Optimal Dimensions:


Length: 365mm, Width: 310mm, Height: 515-715mm, and a weight of 31kg for easy maneuverability.

Exclusive power cord and handles for convenient operation.

Powerful Motor Specifications:


Motor power: 1,900W, Total power: 2,050W.

Variable speed ranges (no load and load) for diverse drilling applications.

Versatile Voltage Options:


Voltage options of 110-120V/60Hz and 220-240V/50-60Hz, catering to different power supplies.

Exclusive Dealer and Distributor:


Adams Tool House is your trusted Euroboor magnetic drill machine dealer in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

We are a wholesale distributor of Euroboor magnetic drill machines, providing top products and services.

Choose Adams Tool House for your drilling needs and experience the precision and reliability that Euroboor brings to every job. Contact us now for a quotation and elevate your drilling capabilities with Euroboor excellence.

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