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Euroboor Lifting Magnet Supplier Dubai, Uae

Euroboor Lifting Magnet Supplier Dubai, Uae

BRAND: Euroboor

Expand Your Operations with Euroboor Lifting Magnets: Premium Quality, Maximum Efficiency


Adams Tool House, an authorized supplier in the UAE, proudly offers Euroboor Lifting Magnets in lifting capacities ranging from 125 kg to 2,000 kg. Discover the best Euroboor provider for industrial magnets, ensuring safety, dependability, and ease of use. Trust us as your reliable lifting magnet supplier in Dubai, UAE.

At Adams Tool House, we provide Euroboor Lifting Magnets, which set the bar for premium, innovative, and dependable lifting solutions in the industrial sector. As the authorized distributor in the UAE, we deliver you Euroboor\\\'s cutting-edge technology, providing optimal efficiency and safety for all of your lifting requirements.


Euroboor Lifting Magnets aims to exceed customer expectations by offering portable drilling, cutting, and lifting solutions. Our lifting magnets, which range in weight from 125 kg to 2,000 kg, demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation.


Euroboor, a major industrial player, has its own manufacturing and has many offices around the world. As an authorized distributor of Euroboor magnetic drill machine and lifting magnet Adams Tool house prioritize customer feedback and market expectations, with a focus on creating creative solutions that add value, improve daily work, and encourage sustainability, time savings, and cost efficiency.

To ensure safety and reliability, read the user manual and warning label thoroughly before using your new Euroboor lifting magnet. With proper usage, care, and maintenance, our lifting magnets will deliver years of high performance.

Euroboor Lifting Tools Features:

Safety Factor 3.5: Lift at least 3.5 times the suggested weight load.

Suitable for Various Surfaces: Designed for flat and tubular objects, whether rough or finished surfaces.

High Lifting Capacity: Trust in our lifting tools for heavy workpieces, ensuring ease and quick maneuverability without damage.

Temperature Resilient: Suitable for temperatures up to 80°C / 176 °F.

Maintenance-Free: Euroboor lifting magnets require minimal maintenance, providing hassle-free operation.

Certified Safety: Each lifting magnet is individually tested and delivered with a specific certificate as proof of safety.

Reliable and Consistent Performance: Euroboor lifting tools guarantee reliable performance, even under extreme conditions.

Easy Handling and Operation: User-friendly design for seamless operation.

ELM.1000 Lifting Magnet Technical Data:


Length (mm): 303

Width (mm): 150

Height (mm): 228

Width of Eye (mm): 50

Weight (kg): 42

Workload Limit (kg) Flat Material: 1000

Workload Limit (kg) Round Material: 500

Plate Minimal Thickness (mm): 10

Round Min - Max Thickness (Ø): 150/380

Max. Operation Temp. (°C): < 80

Why Choose Adams Tool House:


Approved Distributor in UAE: We are a reputable approved distributor of Euroboor products in the UAE, ensuring genuine and high-quality equipment.

Best Euroboor Supplier: Adams Tool House is regarded as the top Euroboor supplier, offering the highest quality service and goods.

Lifting Magnets Supplier in Dubai, UAE: Count on us as a dependable lifting magnet supplier in Dubai and around the UAE.

Adams Tool House\\\'s Euroboor Lifting Magnets offer unrivaled quality, safety, and efficiency. Contact us immediately to improve your lifting operations!



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