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Geared Trolley

Geared Trolley

This Geared Trolley is a versatile and efficient solution for material handling. With a compact design and easy assembly, this trolley offers exceptional convenience and adaptability for various applications. It can be effortlessly installed or removed at any point along the track, providing flexibility in your workflow.
The Geared Trolley is adjustable to suit H and I beams flanges with various widths, ensuring compatibility with a range of beam configurations. Its built-in lugs not only prevent falling but also act as bumper guards, enhancing safety during operation. Also the custom fittings for special beam widths are available, offering a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements.
Whether you need a reliable trolley for industrial or commercial use, our Geared Trolley is designed to deliver optimal performance, ease of use, and enhanced safety features. Upgrade your material handling capabilities with this versatile and adaptable solution.
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