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Pneumatic Die Grinder

Pneumatic Die Grinder

  • The Pneumatic Die Grinder is a high-speed and versatile tool designed for precision grinding applications. With an impressive free speed of 25,000 revolutions per minute, it excels in delivering fast and accurate results.
  • Operating at a maximum air pressure of 6.2 Bar, this die grinder ensures powerful performance for various grinding tasks. Its efficient air consumption of 113 liters per minute makes it a reliable and economical choice. 
  • The 1/4\" air inlet enhances compatibility with different air systems, providing flexibility in usage. The die grinder features a collet capacity of 6 mm, allowing for secure attachment of various grinding bits, and an internal hose size of 10mm, ensuring optimal airflow for consistent performance.
  •  This pneumatic die grinder is an ideal tool for professionals requiring precision and efficiency in their grinding operations.
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