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Rubber Clamps

Rubber Clamps

BRAND: Euroboor
The Euroboor Rubber Clamps are designed for use with specific models and sizes, providing a secure grip for different applications. The available sizes and corresponding codes are as follows:
Size: Ø 4 up to 7 mm
Code: GSW.172121
Suitable for: GSW.512R
Size: Ø 7 up to 10 mm
Code: GSW.172122
Suitable for: GSW.512R
Size: Ø 10.38 up to 14 mm
Code: GSW.172202
Suitable for: GSW.820R
Size: Ø 16 mm
Code: GSW.172203
Suitable for: GSW.820R
These rubber clamps are designed to provide a secure and reliable hold on materials and are tailored for specific Euroboor models (GSW.512R and GSW.820R) within the specified size ranges.
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