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Slot Holder Pliers

Slot Holder Pliers

The slot holder pliers for OETIKER® collars are crafted from premium plus carbon steel, ensuring high-quality material. They feature heavy-duty double-component handles for a comfortable and secure grip during use. The jet stamp UNIOR adds to the tool\'s authenticity. These pliers are specifically designed for use with automotive pressed axle cuffs from OETIKER®, making them a specialized and reliable tool for working with OETIKER® collars in automotive applications.
  • Exact deformation of the axlecuff ear
  • Longer, for easy deformation of axlecuff ears
  • For almost all passenger cars
How to use the tool
Pliers are used for opening the tube clamps, enabling quick and safe removal of tubes from tube prolongations. They are also used for closing the tube clamps when tubes are attached to tube prolongations to prevent tubes from falling off the prolongations and thus ensuring safe movement of fluids. The pliers have been designed in such a way so that only a minimum force is sufficient to create large pressure upon the clamp, ensuring safe and durable connection of the tube to the tube prolongation. The pliers have been shaped in such a way so that they can be efficiently used at places which are difficult to access, thus enabling quick and easy handling. Firm and safe grip is ensured by the ergonomic shape of the handles.
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