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Elemax Honda Sh5300ex 4.7kva Generator Supplier In Dubai, Uae

Elemax Honda Sh5300ex 4.7kva Generator Supplier In Dubai, Uae

BRAND: Elemax


Introduction Elemax Honda SH5300EX

Introducing the Elemax Honda SH5300EX, proudly supplied by Adams Tool House, the authorized distributor for Elemax Honda in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi, UAE. As the leading supplier of high-quality Elemax Honda petrol generators in the region, Adams Tool House is committed to providing top-notch power solutions tailored to your needs.

Featuring the renowned Honda GX270 engine, known for its reliability, effortless starting, and impressive power, the SH5300EX is a standout choice for anyone seeking a dependable generator. This single-phase generator seamlessly integrates a four-stroke GX270 engine with a single-phase two-pole alternator crafted entirely from copper, ensuring unparalleled performance in every application.

Equipped with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to maintain a consistent voltage output, the SH5300EX guarantees reliable power supply for residential, commercial, and industrial needs across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. Its generous fuel tank capacity allows for continuous operation over extended durations, making it ideal for both short-term and prolonged usage requirements.


·         Reliable Power Generation: Elemax petrol generators ensure dependable electricity supply, ideal for businesses, events, and emergency backup needs, enhancing operational continuity and safety.

·         Fuel-Efficient Performance: Elemax generators are designed for optimal fuel consumption, delivering cost-effective operation and reduced carbon footprint, making them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious users.


·         Portable Power Solutions: With their lightweight and compact design, Elemax petrol generators are perfect for on-the-go power needs, suitable for construction sites, outdoor events, and off-grid locations, enhancing versatility and convenience.


·         User-Friendly Design: Elemax generators feature intuitive controls and easy setup, simplifying operation for users of all levels. This user-centric approach ensures smooth functionality and reduces the learning curve for efficient use.


·         Durable and Long-Lasting: Engineered with durable components, Elemax generators offer robust performance even in demanding environments, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs while providing peace of mind for extended use.






·         Type:         R-type; 220V (50Hz)                  S-type; 220V (60Hz)                  D-type; 110/220V (60Hz)                  LD-type; 120/240V (60Hz)

·         Generator Frequency: 50, 60

·         Type: Self-Exciting, 2-pole, Field Rotating Type

·         Voltage Regulation System: AVR

·         Phase: Single

AC Output

Rated Power (KVA)

50Hz: 3.8

60Hz: 4.4

Maximum Power (KVA)

50Hz: 4.7

60Hz: 5.3

Rated Voltage (V)

220 (R,S-type), 110/220 (D-type), 120/240 (LD-type)

DC Output (V-A): 12V-8.3A

Rated Power Factor (cosφ): 1.0


·         Maker: HONDA

·         Models: GX270

·         Displacement (CC): 270

·         Net Power (kW) | 3,600rpm: 6.3.

·         Ignition System: Transistor

·         Oil Alert System: YES

·         Starting System: Recoil


·         L x W x H (mm): 708 x 548 x 493

·         Dry Weight (kg): 68

·         Fuel Tank Capacity (liters): 28

·         Sound Level [dB(A)/7m]: 50Hz – 70

                                      60Hz – 72

·         Continuous Operating Hours (hr): 50Hz – 12

                                                  60Hz – 10


Adams Tool House is your trusted source for genuine Elemax Honda generators in Dubai and throughout the UAE. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, we offer a wide range of Elemax Honda generators at the best prices available.

Models Available with us

·         SH11000 (8.5 – 9.5kVA)

·         SH13000 (10 – 11.8kVA)

·         SH3200EX (2.2 – 6.5KVA)

·         SH7600EXS (2.2 – 6.5KVA)

·         SH2900 (1.3 - 4.5kVA)

·         SH3200EX

·         SH3900EX

·         SH4600EX

·         SHW190 (140A 26V)

·         SH1900 SH2900 SH4000 SH5000 SH6000

·         SHX1000 SHX Series(900 - 1500W)

·         SHX2000 SHX Series(900 - 1500W)


Whether you\'re looking for residential, commercial, or industrial power solutions, Adams Tool House ensures you get the genuine product you need to meet your requirements. Trust Adams Tool House for reliable service, genuine products, and unbeatable pricing on Elemax Honda generators in Dubai and across the UAE.

As the authorized distributor for Elemax Honda in the UAE, Adams Tool House prides itself on delivering superior products and exceptional service. Whether you\'re in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, or Abu Dhabi, trust Adams Tool House to provide you with the latest and most efficient power solutions available. Upgrade to the SH5300EX today and experience unmatched performance and reliability, backed by the expertise and reliability of Adams Tool House.

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