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Elemax Honda Petrol Generator

Elemax Honda Petrol Generator

BRAND: Elemax
Brand : Elemax
Engine Model : Gx340
Fuel Capacity : 28 L
Starting System : Recoil(Op;electric)
Dry Weight : 75 Kg
Dc Output : 12 V, 8.3 A
The power output of 5.8 kVA is delivered by the Honda OHV 4-stroke Engine, offering high power and outstanding fuel economy with fuel consumption nearly 30% lower than comparable side-valve engines. ELEMAX  Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) ensures smooth power output, minimizing fluctuations and enabling the operation of sensitive electronic equipment. The generator is equipped with a large fuel tank, holding 17 liters for SH3200EX and SH3900EX, while the upper model boasts a newly developed 28-liter fuel tank, providing exceptionally long operating hours. Compared to the DX series, the rated output power has been increased by 10% to 25%. The machine features a new control panel design, not only enhancing its appearance but also improving safety and water resistance. The frame design has been improved with a welded upper bar and widened diameter of the frame pipe, enhancing the outlook image and providing protection from rough handling and potential damage.
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