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Abac Air Compressor 500ltr 7.5hp

Abac Air Compressor 500ltr 7.5hp


Explore the power-packed Abac B6000 Compressor, a 500-liter, 7.5HP air compressor that stands as a testament to Italian engineering excellence. Ideal for a variety of applications, this 3-phase compressor, also known as B6000/500T7.5, offers robust performance in Dubai, UAE.

Adams Tool House General Trading LLC, your trusted supplier, proudly presents the Abac 500Ltr Air Compressor, a reliable solution for industrial needs. Our commitment to quality and excellence is mirrored in our association with Abac, a renowned name in the industry. As an authorized Abac dealer and agent in Dubai, UAE, we bring you the B6000 Pump, a symbol of efficiency and durability.

Choose Adams Tool House for your Abac needs in Dubai and the UAE. Benefit from the superior performance of the Abac B6000/500T7.5, backed by our commitment to delivering top-notch Italian air compressors to elevate your industrial operations. Your go-to source for quality tools and machinery – Adams Tool House General Trading LLC.
Brand : ABAC
Model :B6000/500C7.5
Air receiver : 500LT
Motor : 7.5hp (3phase)
Air pump : : B6000
Air displacement : 827/LM
Pressure : 11bar 2-stage
Make : ITALY
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